Frequently Asked Questions


What number do I call to bid?

The number to bid will be announced during the telethon and shown on the screen.  This number will be a unique local phone number and will change every year.


What number do I call if I have a question or need to schedule a pick up of an item I want to donate?

You can call the WWKI business offices at (765) 459-4191.  The staff and volunteers in the We Care store will be glad to help you.


Can I get the telethon on my TV if I have Dish Network, DirecTV, or AT&T UVerse?

No.  Due to technical limitations and our exclusive agreement with Xfinity by Comcast, the only television provider that carries the telethon is Comcast.  You can watch the live stream of the telethon here on this website.


Trim-A-Tree Festival

How can my business or organization get a tree?

Trees and wreaths are allocated simply by making a reservation.  Any business, organization, or individual who wishes to decorate a tree has to make a reservation with We Care.  This is usually done on August 1st, unless the first is on a weekend.  Then the reservation day will be set for the following Monday.  Usually at 9 AM on that day, We Care volunteers assemble to man the phone bank for about an hour taking reservations.


How much does it cost to reserve a tree?

The actual reservation of a tree or wreath is free.  We Care will provide you with the artificial tree or wreath on decoration day.  The cost comes in the time and materials it requires to complete the tree.  You must provide the ideas, the lights, the ornaments, the gifts, and any other goodies you want to auction off with the tree.